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The Versatility Of Quilts & Blankets

01 Sep 2021

Blankets are perhaps the most underrated items in any home if you ask me. We use them to wrap up babies, to make forts for kids to play in during rainy days, to wrap up our pets before transporting them, to snuggle in... their uses are endless.

Since they are so overlooked, we hardly ever get to know just how versatile they are. So, in this article, we are paying tribute to the role blankets play in our lives by looking at some of the ways we can use them.

Having said all this, you may be wondering where you can find blankets. Well, the good news for you is that Lorraine Lea will take care of all your blanket needs. Whether you need fleece, throw, emergency or weighted blankets, they are definitely your guys!

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All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

03 Jul 2019

It is a well-known fact that hair extensions do not exactly have the best rapport when it comes to beauty products. There is always the small factor of mismatched colours, clip-ins showing and the unrealistic length and body that would put Rapunzel to shame. Such signs are evidence of low quality and obviously cheap extensions but celebrities across the world have proved that it is possible to have beautiful high quality and natural looking hair extensions.

Here is a brief but comprehensive guide to hair extensions.

Are hair extensions the right move?

For a confidence boost, you could never go wrong with a longer, fuller look. Full, shiny tresses are a sign of youth and just like a new pair of shoes, hair extensions can give you that pep in your step you feel you have been lacking.

Hair extensions can also come in handy when you want to change your look. In addition, they give you a chance to experiment with colours without actually bleaching your hair. This saves your ends a great deal.

Another way that hair extensions could serve you is when you have a short hair-cut such as a pixie cut or bob. Hair extensions allow you to still rock that bun or ponytail therefore easing your frustration. When looking for the best hair extensions keep in mind that stores such as Gorgeous Hair Wholesale Extensions allow you to easily buy cheap hair extensions online. Having guidelines clearly outlined on the site is a big help for choosing the right lengths and type.

Do extensions come in different types?

The simple answer is yes, they do. The most popular extensions are clip-ins because of their ease of installation and styling. They can be clipped in and removed on the same day, talk about hassle free. They are perfect for a wedding or even reunion. The key is to tease your roots before clipping to ensure that the tracks are secured. Ensure that you shampoo the tracks every six uses.

The second kind of extensions is tape extensions which are similar to the clip-ins save for the fact that they are secured to the hair using bio adhesive tape. There are also invisible tape extensions which are applied in such as way that the tape cannot be seen, click here to find out more about invisi tape hair extensions. It is important to remember to use sulphate-free shampoo and avoid using conditioners for the duration of the style. You should also avoid exercise regimens in humid conditions such as hot yoga.

The third kind of extensions is keratin which is the priciest of the options. Keratin hair extensions do give you value for your money since they are the most discrete option and guarantee up to sixteen months of good hair. The extension is safest for your hair because rather than using the traditional heat method of application, these are applied using ultrasound technology which turns the keratin bond from solid to liquid state in seconds. This is definitely the best option for women who work out often, swim and wear their hair up.

How do I choose the right match for my hair?

Hair extensions come in any colour or texture you can imagine. However, it is important not to get carried away with all the options. When it comes to the colour, always go for darker shades to maintain a natural look. This rule also applies for the hair texture so that the hair can dry evenly without leaving patched of it damp (especially if you air-dry often).

Finally, make sure you get your hair done in a reputable salon and that you get 100% human hair. The source of the hair also factors into your decision making process. India is the most common option for sourcing hair especially for brunettes and people looking for that full mane. If you are a blond or have finer hair, then European hair is a better fit.

As you can see, hair extensions do not always have to have a bad rap. The best part about them is that when they are done correctly, no one would ever know that you are even wearing them!

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